Turnkey Tooling and Manufacturing

Faster throughput, finer finishes, and lower costs. Made possible with Pincore Product Development Center…

Turnkey Is Your Turning Point

Our molding and casting processes are such that they are the best for the kind of materials used to make your product, for example, thermoplastics. Through injection moulding, you get the best of everything. Not only are the prototypes and final product batches manufactured faster, but you get those at unbeatable prices too, when compared to other molding processes. The product that comes out also has a better finish and precision because of high shape adoption capability because of the moulding precision. You get the same precision, same dimensions, every time. Achieving perfection doesn’t mean a compromise on consistency, we promise you that.

Die/Mould Design and Manufacturing

With its unique applications of creating auto components and machine tools, die/mould is indispensable in industries like automobile, logistics, pharma, electrical, and many more.

Pincore has been a success partner for many companies with its Die/Mould Design and Manufacturing Services by providing moulds in large scale.

Die Casting Design and Manufacturing

Large scale production and high quality are impossible without moulds manufactured with Die Casting method. It has made its mark in aerospace, automotive, furniture and almost all other industries that employ  large scale production.

Whether it is low pressure or high pressure moulds, Pincore has it all.

Sheet Metal Press Tools

Sheet metals have been known for their supremacy in providing stronger structure to the products without adding too much of weight and process costs. Everything you see out in the market that is either on wheels or on bricks, sheet metals keep them strong and attractive. 

Pincore serves its clients with various Sheet metal press tools to provide shape to the sheet metal to fit in the assembly line. 


Product Support


Automatic Die Mould Tool

Automatic Die Mould tool are ones which creates components automatically on its own. Only the material of the component has to be given, the complete component Mould will be prepared without any manual support. 

Semi-Automatic Die Mould Tool

Semi – Automatic Die Mould Tool are ones which partially needs manual support and other part will be done automatically for the production of component mould. 

Sheet Metal Piercing Tool

Sheet Metal Piercing tools are utilized in shearing process from which a hole can be pierced on any sheet metal or plate. 

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Why Chose Pincore?

Best Tool

Any production’s best results can be achieved only by  best tool makers. Pincore’s best tool makers bring the product into reality, we at Pincore has a large network in skilled labors.

Rigorous and Systematic Process

Pincore’s Research and Development team always work with over all flow. The systematic operations will be reported with predefined process plan on every stages to meet deadline.

Guided Through Production

For any product success it is not just tool making the biggest value we add at Pincore is by reducing the cost at the production using advanced cost analysis tools.

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