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Golden Sample: Prototyping and Sampling

Process Flow of Additive manufacturing Technique to build your first Golden Sample

Extensive research and development goes into making the first prototype of your product – finest to the detail, something what we refer to as the Golden Sample: the very first prototype that we build with all your specifications and requirements in mind. When approved, we go ahead and build the rest of the numbers with the help of “Golden Sample”.

Prototyping Is the Key to Perfection

Unlike others Prototype & 3D Printing Solutions, we invest most of our effort in making the prototype. It sounds counterintuitive, but this stage is the most crucial in the manufacturing process. Making the prototype, modifying, and then reaching perfection are exactly what we need to reach the ultimate goal of the flawless product you dream of.

“We make plastic products without Injection moulding”

Prototype & 3D Printing Solutions



We achieve this perfection through vacuum casting. Using liquids in the moulds helps avoid any air entrapments and makes the prototype nothing less than flawless. What follows next is something that adds the feather to our hat: our widely acclaimed mechatronic prototyping, where we make the final prototype of your product that is fully functional. 

Get Everything Done in One Place

With Pincore Prototype & 3D Printing Solutions, you get the massive advantage of getting all your 3D needs met at one place. Whether you need to get the 3D design done, or you have the design ready and you just need the manufacturing done – we are the place to go to.

Pincore’s 3D Printing Services at PDC

Pincore’s Prototyping and Low volume Production services


Tyre Pressure Monitoring System- Haul Truck

Pincore Product development team got a great chance to develop an innovative product in the Test Measurement categories of Automotive Industry.

Custom Handle

Custom Handle product almost took lot of iterations since it was the major part wear user leads to handle the SPM for multiple reasons for 100’s of times per day


Pybot is an special purpose pick and place robot for specific application. This product demands 3D printing, Mechanical Engineering and Electronic development all together.

we are dedicated

Why Chose Pincore?

3D Printers

Pincore PDC has 3D lab which has Cartesian, Delta and SLA Printers dedicative for all prototypes and low volume production.

Advanced Post Processing Techniques

Engineers are specialized and learnt from UK 3D printed post processing techniques to bring the best finishing of every product.


Pincore’s Product Development Centre is now a regional brand specially known for prototype of Electro Mechanical Science

get your first golden sample with us