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We at Pincore let our innovation and quality speak for us. With a strongly motivated team, we strive to be the creative minds that bring a smile on your face. That’s why more importantly we always look for innovative ways to deliver nothing but the best to you.


To maximize assistance to every idea in the electromechanical industry and add value in the production line from idea to product in reality with quality of innovation and need as the base for change. 


  • Establish as a brand that every industry can rely on for assistance towards electro-mechanical component or product as a result.
  • Organize the minds that bring ideas to lead innovation.
  • Establish a qualitative production mechanism to assure and abide the need for quality. 
  • Increase the customer experience metric with each successful project. 
  • Be a part of “Make-In-India” by  providing solutions to Industry 4.0 Components for regional Industry. 

What is Pincore?

Pincore Technologies India Pvt. Ltd. is a Technology-Oriented OEM company with the art-of designing to manufacturing with the best professionals.

How Pincore came to existence

Our journey began in 2017, when the company was founded by two technocrats with decades of experience in the industry under the guidance of ardent research professionals to build regionally recognized brands in developing a different range of mechatronics and engineering products at the wing of Pincore Product Development Centre.

How Pincore is solving problems

Producing powerful and essential products/solutions to strengthen the job doodling for our customers and to achieve smooth deliverance at every stage of their dream project. Making most necessary components available with a unique skeleton to match the industry standards and to support Prototyping or low volume production at one stop platform with ease along with life time engagement.

Strengths of Pincore

Mechanical and Electronics blended teams capable of molding your ideas from scrambled paper to a product in reality, and in other words the entire team is driven by advisory board members with rich skill set in their respective fields.

Our consistent services

We at Pincore are not stuck with one service or product development. We have our own online store for unique and exclusive electro-mechanical components: from simple switches and enclosures, to Industry – 4.0 Components – to serve our customers as a one-stop- solution. Pincore serves as an umbrella to three divisions: Pincore Service, E-Commerce, and E-Learning to make anyone’s idea a reality.

Client Exposure

Having served more than 5000 happy B2B and B2C global clients with over 200+ projects, we at Pincore take pride in our specialized personnel in exporting world class components to different continents of the world, who deliver nothing short of reliable perfection.

Pincore's Business Verticals

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Over 20 years of industry experience has resulted in creating more than 1000 products that too 100+ clients, certainly we can assure your business growth.

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Pincore is name that synonyms with Electromechanics. We are here to support the greatest ideas only you could think of. 

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What People Say About Us

“Their work on bringing a product like CoKey during the toughest time of the pandemic is one of the most unforgettable contributions to the society, and their dedication to develop a curated product which is completely made in India, is best from them so far.”
Dr. Jeetendra Kumar
Dean, ESI Ministry of Labor & Employment Govt. of India
"A perfectly blended team of experienced and energetic people. They are extremely professional in bringing conceptual ideas on scrambled paper to real products. Highly skilled hardware development team headed by Mr. Narendra work consistently to make the product the topmost possible."
Sandeep Kuber Reddy
R&D Head, Duracell
Most energetic and enthusiastic team to work with. They are very professional and direct to the solution. Once the chemistry with them clicks in, they can be the research arm for any engineering/manufacturing company. Good job guys! Keep it going.
Kiran Chandrasekeran,
Co-founder, Vendo
"The Pincore team is perfectly capable of assisting with both - electronics as well as mechanical. This is what I love the most about them. I don't need to go anywhere else."
CEO, Emnics Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
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