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We turn your design on paper to a product in reality. Making something virtual perfectly tangible is not easy – we achieve just that.

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Having served more than 5000 happy B2B and B2C customers with over 200 projects, we at Pincore take pride in our specialized personnel, who deliver nothing short of reliable perfection.

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Pincore Communal

We have been focusing on creating a platform for budding engineers and creative minds to take the first leap on knowing how it works.

Aims at creating a world-class education platform ‘Pincore Communal’ as it progresses its vision. 

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Government-Approved Authority to Import & Export

We have government approval to import and export world class Electromechanical Components and from different parts of the world.

In house Product Development Centre

Mechanical and Electronics blended teams capable of creating Mechatronics Products from Prototype to Production level with proven logistics records to ship world wide. 

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Check out What people say about us, when we become a part of their success. Know more about our Vision, Mission and Business Verticals of Pincore.

Moulding Your Vision on Paper to a Product in Reality

Is building a fully functional prototype of a design enough? No. Is a functional prototype enough that is commercially viable too? Well, the answer to this appears to be a yes, but again, the answer is no.

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Pincore is here to assist you with cost control by taking responsibility for manufacturing products as per your design. Our manufacturing units are stable enough to even withstand varying degrees of electrical fluctuations.

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Think electromechanics. Think Pincore. With an arsenal of turnkey solutions like 3D design, product development, and manufacturing, Pincore is your one-stop-shop to make your dream a reality: from prototyping to the final product in your hand. Ready to take the leap?