Portable Conveyor System

About Portable Conveyor System

Pincore team work on pro-active projects from time to time in order to explore ideas unconstrained. The Portable belt conveyor concept is one such idea.

The Portable belt conveyor systems are versatile and extremely compact. We have design and developed conveyor system for Demonstration Kit for the Expo, vision system or image processing systems, small parts transport in automated machines with little conveyor space. It is very small conveyors have direct drive, at the drive end. The weight capacities are not high and the speeds are relatively low as standard compared to AC motor driven belt conveyors.

A cleverly designed modular structure makes assembly much easier, and even variants for special requirements can be supplied on a practically ready-to-use basis.  Our design experts find solutions to meet each customer’s exact part-moving needs. We combine our belt conveyors with expert control technology to ensure precision part location. All key components of the conveyor belt are completely enclosed, with a smooth outer surface, and are almost completely covered by the actual belt.

Portable conveyor can be used for transporting mainly small, light parts in applications such as small parts manufacture, food, pharmaceuticals, automation etc.

Product Description

Pincore’s NPD team major concern is to build portable, robust materials and long-lasting flat belt conveyor. The well-designed manufacture with no interfering contours in the series with internal and transverse drive integrates easily in a wide range of systems. The basis for the wide field of applications is the cleverly-designed modular concept: serving as the foundation are the conveyor belts, which are available in various widths and transport lengths. 

With the small parts conveyor belts, the idler roller for the conveyor belt is connected to an aluminium-section supporting element that can be cut to the required individual length. The movement is provided by another module comprising a micro-drive and a drive roller on the other side of the supporting element. If the supporting element (which is only needed for the variable length) is omitted, even short conveyor units measuring 600 mm in length can be realized with a height of just 200 mm and a width of 300 mm – and that without any interfering contours. As a result, typical application areas are very diverse and range from mechanical engineering and micro-technology to the pharmaceutical and food industries, vision system or image processing



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