How to Become a Data Scientist in 2022

How to Become a Data Scientist in 2022

The role of a Data Scientist is one of the hottest jobs in the world and reported as the most demanded job in both the UK and the US. According to the Emerging Job Report by LinkedIn in 2020, the data scientist job role has risen to 3rd position in the US with an added benefit of 37% annual growth and 7th position in the UK. 

With in-depth knowledge in multiple domains, programming skills, mathematical abilities, computer knowledge, and other data science skills, data scientists possess the versatility and ability to work across industries and act as a catalyst in making critical business decisions. 

Out of the list consolidated by Glassdoor, for the 50 best jobs in the US, the Data Scientist role is listed as the second most in-demand job. On the contrary, the data reports from IT Jobs Watch stated that there was a slight dip in the data science job roles posted in both the UK, falling from 3162 roles in 2020 to 2273 in 2021, and roles appearing flat in 2019-’20 in the US. However, this was an outcome of the COVID-19 onset.  

While on the other hand, another report showed that businesses said they experienced a shortage of more than 250,000 data science professionals, proving that there is a proven demand for people with the right skillset. This is why Data science is tagged as the most sought-after job worldwide, and data science professionals are behind developing required skills with reliable data science certifications. 

Rising Demand of Data Science in 2022


Harvard Business Review has entitled the Data Scientist role as the sexiest job of this 21st century. The dominant characteristics of data scientists that outweigh other jobs are persistent curiosity and the continuous desire to solve a particular set of problems affecting any business. 2022 is going to witness more revolutionary changes in data-driven business decision-making. 

The proliferation of analytics leveraged cloud-based solutions like Google Analytics, Data visualization tools like Tableau, and programming languages to solve complicated problems like R, Python, etc. All the popular and large enterprises around the globe are driven by the power of Data Science. For instance, have a look at Google, Facebook, or Amazon. They utilize the data science to generate algorithms that boost customer satisfaction and help businesses to increase their profits through product recommendations, web page ranking, targeted ads, and other useful data science strategies. 

The core reason that underlines the requirement of data scientists and the rising demand for data science professionals is that your business competitions continuously chase the data science-driven decisions to make critical business decisions, while you fail to do it, thereby paving the way for you to surrender the market share. Hence, more and more companies are into adapting and deploying data science skills, data science tools, and techniques to grow their business and make prompt decisions for complex problems.

Perks of becoming a Data Scientist in 2022


As per the Future of Work Report by the World Economic Forum, it is predicted that by 2025, the Data Science job is going to be the one with the highest demand and growth rate Data Scientists have vast experience and can use their core competencies to leverage their problem-solving capabilities and implement them in every business domain, let it be insurance, healthcare, retail, finance, technology, etc. 

A data scientist can carry out data exploration, formulation of problems as per the business model, and engineering comprehensive solutions.  In addition to the computational, communication, mathematical, and programming skills, data scientists possess the capability of identifying the problems, and skills to enhance business decisions with effective data-specific insights. 

The benefits of becoming a data scientist are as follows:


  • A data scientist can work for any industry or business. They are not bound to offer their services to particular industries or niches.
  • You have great potential and the power to make complex decisions that drive the future of a business. You are free to choose the projects that suit your interest.
  • Big opportunities await you if you develop the right data science skillset with a valid data science certification. Hence, every renowned company is in search of the right data science skills.
  • You get highly paid if you are qualified with the best data science skills. Valid and reliable data science certifications can give you a high payoff when compared to the non-certified.
  • The availability of many roles in the same industry is another interesting advantage of being a data scientist. There are various data science-driven roles being a data scientist, where you get opportunities to work with relevant skills, technical know-how, and decision-making skills.
  • Data scientists are required to perform detailed data analysis, translation of business issues into relevant easily understandable conclusions, deployment of statistical approaches for data representation, and come up with relevant and practical real-time solutions.


How can you become a Data Scientist in 2022

Here are the steps you should follow to build yourself and become a successful data scientist. 

  1. Build your ability in mathematical skills like algebra, statistics, etc. The most in-demand skills for a data scientist for the year 2021, are Python, SQL, R, Spark, AWS, etc. The interesting fact is that every skill mentioned above would require a mathematical approach to solve complex queries and data models. Hence, work on your mathematical proficiency.
  2. Work well on your analytical skills to support the major business decisions and to take a proactive approach towards improving the business growth, by reducing the risks, error, or any other possible difficulties.
  3. Hold a bachelor’s or Master’s degree. You can pursue a degree in any stream, however, a mathematical background can serve you with more skills to increase the value.
  4. Get a data science project experience. This can give you the best exposure towards the beginning of your career as a data scientist.
  5. Earn the best data science certifications to be more shining in your career as a data scientist. These renowned certifications include United States Data Science Institute (USDSI™), MIT, Stanford, Georgia Tech, etc.



Being an interdisciplinary field, and subject to numerous evolutions, the data science segment interestingly explains the benefits of getting a business on the right track in no time. The role of a data scientist in an organization is inevitable in the current technological era. Hence, in this highly competitive world, it is also important for you to achieve what you aspire with the right data science skills, developed through the best data science certifications.

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