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It’s All in Innovation

Is your electronic product a standard one, where you want our help in its manufacture? Or do you have a novel idea, and you want it to have the best chance it could have in potentially becoming a viable product? We at Pincore are more than capable of achieving either of the two. With ardent engineers dedicated to make even the New Product Introduction (NPI) successful, you have a reason or two to be optimistic.

Story of State-of-the-Art PCB

Pincore, through its esteemed engineers produces, manufactures, and assembles PCBs that are far ahead in the market in terms of quality and economical feasibility. We ensure signal and power integrity, thermal reliability, and regulatory compliance before the PCB reaches your hands: after all, it’s the brain of your device!

Recipe for the Best PCB

  1. Concept: You and our team of experts sit together, discussing and brainstorming what works and what not. Here we assess what goes in and what is off the table.
  2. Quote: Keeping all the requirements and the necessary customizations in mind, we present a quote to you with complete transparency, and an estimated project timeline.
  3. Market and competitive feasibility: We assess the competitive feasibility of the product, if requested. This gives a clear idea as to how the product will be placed in the market.
  4. Design and 3D modeling: We first prepare the 3D model and the schematic design of the concerned product.
  5. Prototyping: With our best-in-the-industry infrastructure and equipment, the prototypes that we develop have a fast turn-around to enable easy multiple iterations in the design process.
  6. Production: As the final stage the PCB goes for production

Pincore's Product Development Services

Electronic Component Sourcing solution

Now with Pincore E-Commerce you can directly purchase electronic components, or contact us for bulk purchases.

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Why Chose Pincore?

Decades of

You might have the mechanical design or components of the product ready, and you just want our help on the electronic front of the product, or vice versa. We are equally capable with helping you on both or either of the product fronts.


Pincore choses product quality over compromises. What Pincore renders is Quality Tested and Assured. We are here to bring ideas into reality. We work alongside your vision more than deadlines so that what you dream comes into reality. 

Supreme Vendor Network

Pincore is a combination of two separate teams carrying expertise in Electronics and Mechanics which brings in skills, knowledge, and abilities in developing a product both technically sound and physically perfect. 

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