The Cokey – A Handy UVC Sterilizer

It’s Our immense pleasure to launch a first Indian make Which is designed, developed manufactured under the concept of #AthmanirbharBharath to fight against this Pandemic and keep ourselves Safe & Healthy. Introducing The Cokey A Pocket Size UVC Sterilizer that Kills up to 99.9% COVID virus within 20-30 Seconds. Considering, Pandemic Covid-19, a four Technocrats of Pincore with decades of experience has designed the hand held device which is ultra portable. The Compact Product is Convenient to carry around and it can sterilize anytime & anywhere which kills germs on everyday items, devices or surfaces with an easy reach.



A UVC Sterilizer – A Handy and Portable device which Deep Sanitizes Things around you!!



  • Product utilizes the world’s patented technology UVC LED and non hazardous eco-friendly technology to provide surface sterilization.
  • 99.9 % Sterilization of coronavirus (COVID19) in 30 seconds A perfect handy design to make 100% portable to sterilize anywhere & anytime
  • Secured Child Lock, Fully Battery Operated, Auto Shutdown, Tilt Detection, Range Indicator and Many more excited features with integrated Technology


Product Specifications:

  • 100% portable to sterilize anywhere & anytime
  • Kills up to 99.5% of germs within 20-30 Seconds
  • Charging Port (Micro-B USB)
  • Battery 4.2V @1000mAH
  • Total Radiant Flux is 66mW & Peak Power dissipation 4.5W
  • 10s to 2 min recommended Sterilization Time
  • Actual Product Size: L:170 mm | W: 35 mm | H: 15 mm


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