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Pincore has been an industry expert since its formation with a wide range of EMS (Electronic Manufacturing Services). We at Pincore believe that you may or may nor need complete product development. Therefore, we have fractionated the production process into differentiated service verticals under manufacturing process.


Pincore has a specialized team dedicated to Electronic Hardware Design Services under its portfolio. Through this, we provide complete design or design assistance as per your requirements. 


Pincore houses laboratory for testing the products during its pre and post-production. We believe that a product that is tested and assured is friendlier to clients and end users. 

With skilled employees and dynamic team leaders, Pincore has the capacity to manufacture electronic products in high or low volume keeping the cost minimal instead of low to provide assured quality. 

Your design needs our mechanism

Having a product design is the initial stage of a great idea coming into reality. However, it is also a task to carry the manufacturing process thereafter. It involves the cost of machinery, labour, inventory and procurements. Keeping the cost minimal with capital expenditure is a puzzle that is hard to solve, but we make it possible.

Supreme Vendor Network to Assist on Assembly
Pincore is here to assist you with cost control by taking responsibility for manufacturing products as per your design. Our manufacturing units are stable enough to even withstand varying degrees of electrical fluctuations.

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Core competence

You might have the electronic design or components of the product ready, and you just want our help on the mechanical front of the product, or vice versa. We are equally capable with helping you on both or either of the product fronts.

best quality product

Pincore choses product quality over compromises. What Pincore renders is Quality Tested and Assured. We are here to bring ideas into reality. We work alongside your vision more than deadlines so that what you dream comes into reality. 

electromechanical team

Pincore is a combination of two separate teams carrying expertise in Electronics and Mechanics which brings in skills, knowledge, and abilities in developing a product both technically sound and physically perfect. 

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