All Products are Sterilized using UVC Sterilization Method to make our Parcel Corona Virus Free..!!New
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The CoKey-Pro Dual Colour


2,899.00 1,999.00 (inc. GST)

The Cokey – A Handy UVC Sterilizer that Kills up to 99.9% of germs and COVID 19 virus within 10-30 Seconds. Considering the Pandemic Covid19, a four Technocrats of Pincore with decades of experience has designed the hand held device which is ultra-portable. The Compact Product is Convenient to carry around and  can sterilize anytime & anywhere which kills COVID-19 on large everyday items, devices or surfaces with an easy reach.


Kit Contents:

  • UVC Scope which is The Cokey – A handy UVC sterilizer.
  • User Manual with complete instructions to understand the product and its usage .
  • A USB Cable which is utilized for charging the Battery.

The CoKey Pro is a hot product which is in high demand with lot of expectation. And also at the time of trails and user experience testing we have seen a huge response for this model particularly every customer of us will be surprised with best price of it. This model can operate in both automatic and manual mode based on the user application. Additionally,  a pro version has intelligent run like auto shutdown, power saving mode, Child Lock and Many more exciting features.

Technical Details:

    • Lithium Ion Battery with 4.2v & 1000mA
    • On board Charging Port (Micro USB)
    • UVC LED’s – Three units on Board (Common in All Models)
    • Proximity Sensor for range detection
    • Device Working Status Indicator
    • Battery Status Indicator with multi-colour
    • Total Radiant Flux is 66mW & Peak Power dissipation
    • Made of ABS PC Blend and available multi-colour flavours
    • Actual Product Size: L: 152 mm| W: 35 mm
    • Single Power button for multiple operation


    • CoKey is useful when you have to travel and sterilize your unknown surroundings virus free.
    • It sterilizes your car interiors just in 10-30 seconds and can have a tension free drive.
    • Cokey is used to sterilize the things which you buy, or just before touching it in places like super market where the products can be touched by anyone.
    • It can be used to deep sanitize your documents at work place which have been delivered from outside.
    • It can be used to sterilize currencies or cheques or Application forms at Banks and ATM’s, which makes banking activities more secure and safe.
    •  Various delivery partners can use this sterilizer to make their deliverables safe for their valuable customers and stop the spread.
    • CoKey can make E-Commerce platforms working style more shielded, with number of packages which will be received and also pushed out for delivery.


Modes of Operation

Manual, Auto


ABS PC Blend

Child Lock


Battery Status Indications


Maximum Temperature

60 Degree Celcius

Tilt Angle


Total Radiant Flux


Battery Type

Lithium Ion Battery

Battery Voltage

4.2 V & 1000mAH

Product Features

Handy & Portable, Secured Child Lock, Auto Shut Down, Tilt Detection, Battery Backup