All Products are Sterilized using UVC Sterilization Method to make our Parcel Corona Virus Free..!!New
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The CoKey S


1,999.00 (inc. GST)

The Cokey – A Handy UVC Sterilizer that Kills up to 99.9% of germs and COVID 19 virus within 10-30 Seconds. Considering the Pandemic Covid19, a four Technocrats of Pincore with decades of experience has designed the hand held device which is ultra-portable. The Compact Product is Convenient to carry around and  can sterilize anytime & anywhere which kills COVID-19 on large everyday items, devices or surfaces with an easy reach.


Kit Contents:

  • UVC Scope which is The Cokey – A handy UVC sterilizer.
  • User Manual with complete instructions to understand the product and its usage .
  • A USB Cable which is utilized for charging the Battery.

The CoKey S is a basic model of the product with all the necessary features which is required to safeguard from any virus. The CoKey S is designed by considering the common man of the country and affordability. This model has same look & feel of pro version except some intelligent runs and key features

Technical Details:

    • Lithium Ion Battery with 4.2v & 1000mA
    • On board Charging Port (Micro USB)
    • UVC LED’s – Three units on Board (Common in All Models)
    • Proximity Sensor for range detection
    • Device Working Status Indicator
    • Battery Status Indicator with multi-colour
    • Total Radiant Flux is 66mW & Peak Power dissipation
    • Made of ABS PC Blend and available multi-colour flavours
    • Actual Product Size: L: 150 mm| W: 35 mm
    • Single Power button for multiple operation


    • CoKey is useful when you have to travel and sterilize your unknown surroundings virus free.
    • It sterilizes your car interiors just in 10-30 seconds and can have a tension free drive.
    • Cokey is used to sterilize the things which you buy, or just before touching it in places like super market where the products can be touched by anyone.
    • It can be used to deep sanitize your documents at work place which have been delivered from outside.
    • It can be used to sterilize currencies or cheques or Application forms at Banks and ATM’s, which makes banking activities more secure and safe.
    •  Various delivery partners can use this sterilizer to make their deliverables safe for their valuable customers and stop the spread.
    • CoKey can make E-Commerce platforms working style more shielded, with number of packages which will be received and also pushed out for delivery.

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