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16T, 0.250″ (1/4) Bore 32P Shaft Mount Pinion Gear


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Product Summary

16T, 0.250″ (1/4) Bore 32P Shaft Mount Pinion Gear:

  • No of teeth 16T
  • Weight 0.28 oz (8g)
  • Material Hardened Brass
  • Pressure Angle 20°

This 16 tooth pinion gear has a ¼” bore in order to fit on a ¼” round or D-profile shaft. When installed on a ¼” D-shaft, the 10-32 cupped point set-screw will tighten down onto the flat side of the shaft for an excellent hold. When building with Actobotics Channel, gear ratios are commonly created between holes spaced 0.75” or 1.5” apart. This gear meshes perfectly with another 32 pitch gear with a tooth count of 32 when located 0.75” apart or a tooth count of 80 when located 1.5” apart.