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PC-6mm Double loop Flexible Coupling for Encoder


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Product Summary

PC-6mm Double loop Flexible Coupling for Encoder:

This is 6mm Double loop Flexible Coupling for Encoder Length 38mm , Width 26mm having Corrosion protection and Damping of vibration and shock.

This double loop elastomer coupling has a double loop element made of a thermoplastic polyester elastomer  (Hytrel) for strength, flexibility and heat resistance. This 6mm Double loop Flexible Coupling for Encoder is a flexible element can accommodate angular, radial and axial misalignment to address a variety of misalignment scenarios. The hubs and fasteners are steel alloy for strength and durability.

Flexible couplings are used to link two rotating shafts that are not aligned in order to transmit the rotational power, known as torque, from one shaft to the other. Most flexible couplings consist of two hubs and a middle assembly; each hub attaches to a shaft while the middle assembly flexes between the hubs to accommodate the misalignment of the two shafts.

Flexible couplings are used in a broad range of applications, such as in motor vehicles, conveyors, escalators, agricultural, forestry and mining equipment, aeronautics, robotics and space exploration, among others.

Features :

  • Corrosion protection
  • Damping of vibration and shock
  • Good compensation of radial, lateral and angular offsets
  • Maintenance free
  • Recommended temperature range -30ºC to 80ºC
  • Good resistance to petrol, oil, benzene, toluene, aromatic and non-aromatic hydrocarbons, alcohols, glycols, solvents, and many chemicals.

Double Loop Flexible Coupling For Encoder

Bore Size

6 x 6 mm

Length - metric

38 mm

Width - metric

26 mm


15 gms