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PC-10M GT2 Width 6mm White Open Timing Belt For 3D Printer


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Product Summary

PC-10M GT2 Width 6mm White Open Timing Belt For 3D Printer:

  • Pitch: 2 mm
  • Material: Neoprene Rubber With Fiberglass Core
  • Width: 6 mm
  • Total Length: 10 M
  • Shape: Open Loop
  • Core Wire Material: Glass Fiber

This timing belt is a non-slipping mechanical drive belt. It is made as a flexible belt with and steel core. Reinforce cord ensure the running capability in the driving. It runs over matching toothed pulleys or sprockets, made of rubber and perfect for 3D printers.

Made of PU material and steel core, very flexible and strong. Excellent process, good quality and durable, Strong abrasion resistance .Low noise, high wear resistance, small production tolerances .Compared with 2GT black belt with glass fiber core, strong steel core wires are joined in this white belt.

For small precision machinery transmission, such as 3D printers, intelligent plotter, etc. Runs smoother and was quiet, easier to tension, less slippage on sprockets .Product reduce slippage on servo motors. It has increase the quality of 3D printers.

Highest quality precision 10 M GT2 Width 6 mm White Open Timing Belt For 3D Printer. Made from NEOPRENE – Synthetic Rubber reinforced with fiberglass cords for superior strength. Neoprene – an oil-resistant substitute for natural rubber,


6 mm White Open Timing Belt For 3D Printer


Neoprene Rubber With Fiberglass Core

Total Length - metric

100 mm / 10 m

Width - metric

6 mm

Tooth Height- metric

0.76 mm

Belt Height - metric

1.52 mm

Pitch - metric