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ILS Aluminium Flexible Shaft Coupling Bore:5mmx8mm OD-19mm L-25mm


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Product Summary

ILS Aluminium Flexible Shaft Coupling Bore:5mmx8mm OD-19mm L-25mm:

  • ¬†Outer Diameter 19 mm
  • Bore 1 5mm
  • Bore 2 5mm
  • Material Aluminium

Flexible Shaft Couplings are extensively used in numerous industrial applications for backlash free transmissions of torque, Speed & Motion from one shaft to another shaft. It Adjust itself to misaligment of two shafts connected by it. Shaft encoder, Tachogenerators, Stepper & Synchronous Motors, Rotary Position Transmitters, Damper Drives, Potentiometers & Varacs.


  • Made from Aluminium Alloy.
  • Angular offset up to 5 degree
  • Parallel offset up to 0.2mm no backlash
  • Constant Velocity transmission
  • Torsionally rigit
  • High quality