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6 Ton Portable Hydraulic Bottle Jack Car Emergency Tire Repair Lift Tool


5,480.00 (inc. GST)

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Product Summary

6 Ton Poratable Hydraulic Bottle Jack Car Emergency Tire Repair Lift Tool:

Hydraulic jacks are more convenient to use as compared to conventional jacks that comes along with the vehicle. They are easy to use since they require less force to lift the objects. Even females can conveniently use them to change the car tyres. Suitable for all hatchbacks weighing less than 3000 Kgs. like alto, Wagon R , Swift, Indica, Polo, i-10, i-20, Santro etc.

Hydraulic Bottle jacks are widely used as a means of safely and effectively raising various vehicles. Its unique compact bottle design makes it easier to adjust anywhere in your vehicle. This bottle jacks is one of the most sold hydraulic bottle jack available at an attractive price with us. Bottle jacks have a screw adjustable saddle with indented grooves for a better fitting underneath the vehicle. The handle comes in two pieces that attach together to make a longer lever when operating the bottle jack. These jacks can be used with cars, vans, 4×4’s and many more.