How value added service by an Electronic Manufacturing Company (EMS) make your ideas into reality

I hope you are familiar with the word EMS but if you want to know more about it, then read this post till the end to know the different aspects related to Electronic Manufacturing Services.

What is an electronic manufacturing service (EMS)?

Whenever we buy a new product, we are excited by its outlook and features. We are least bothered about the how? who? and what? of the products we use daily. Have a look at your essential partners who bring products to the market.

A company that provides electronic manufacturing service will design, test, fabricate, and distribute along with the return/repair service for electronics components is termed EMS. The primary services provided by the EMS companies are design, assembling and testing. Let us know more in detail.

How is an OEM company different from an EMS Provider?

You might have heard both the terms OEM and EMS and also had few questions in your mind as well, like are they similar or different ?  Well to know the answer continue further.

First we will talk about OEM. OEM is nothing but Original Equipment manufacturers. OEM companies make their own components or products which are almost new to the market or an updated version of the existing product. Hence more attention is paid towards idea generation, innovation and designing. Production may be high or low depending upon the client requirement.

On the other hand EMS companies create products for OEM companies and offers value added services to them. Here more attention is paid towards assembling, testing and manufacturing. Well most of the companies will provide both the services to the clients and customers.

Pincore is a Technology-Oriented OEM company with the art of designing to manufacturing with the Best Professionals along with that we also provide EMS.  

Journey in transforming a prototype into a product in reality

The journey in transforming an idea into product includes a lot of steps we will know them in brief in this section. Having a product design is the initial stage of a great idea. Having a final prototype version of the product is exciting and is a huge accomplishment.  

  Designing is the primary factor in any product or component development followed by Proof-of-Concept(POC). POC is must to scale the product physically with the key assumptions on which the success of the product hinges. Once the product prototype is ready next step is testing and debugging.

To catch the product defects, a set of testing tools are used to ensure product quality and reliability to the clients. This is one of the crucial steps where a product undergoes a few changes to become closer to the market ready product. Once we get the production quality prototype then we are close to mass manufacturing and the ultimate goal is to satisfy the consumers needs. Mass production is an economic process that enables us to produce goods faster which results in more sales thus it reduces the overall cost of production.  

Growing demand for consumer electronics and innovative technological developments permits manufacturers to capitalize on current opportunities.

Significance of EBOM in product development

You might have heard this term EBOM every now and then. But do you know how important is this in product development. Before getting a market ready product we can see the efforts of various departments in achieving it. To make sure that all departments are working as one EBOM is required, which unites all the working  departments. EBOM stands for Engineering Bill of Materials. The EBOM mirrors the full definition of how a product is developed. It is used inside an organization to align information coming from different disciplines.

In simple terms EBOM is nothing but a list or a document which includes the time, components, resources and labor required to build a product. In any organization if EBOM is maintained properly one can make sure that we never run out of materials again. Therefore planning can be done for the next plan with better cost management which is a very essential part in product manufacturing.

To create accurate BOM, input is required from design, procurement, manufacture and sales department which defines how a product is designed. It is generally created using CAD (Computer Aided Design) or EDA (Electronic design automation) software. Therefore if the nature of the business is production and manufacturing then EBOM is a super savior.

We hope that now you are aware of the different aspects associated with Electronic Manufacturing Services.

Why you choose Pincore for your designs

Pincore has been an industry expert since its formation with a wide range of EMS (Electronic Manufacturing Services). We at Pincore believe that you may or may nor need complete product development. Therefore, we have fractionated the production process into differentiated service verticals under manufacturing process.

Pincore is here to assist you with cost control by taking responsibility for manufacturing products as per your design. Our manufacturing units are stable enough even to withstand varying degrees of electrical fluctuations. Pincore chooses product quality over compromises. What Pincore renders and manifests is Quality Tested and Assured. We are here to bring ideas to life. We work alongside your vision more than deadlines which are considered above the limits so that what you dream comes into reality. 

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