Telecom Board Enclosure

About Telecom Board Enclosure

Telecom board enclosures serves a vital purpose: to house, organize and protect the valuable equipment needed for modern communications. Found in multiple locations, including outdoor and even hazardous environments, it’s crucial that these enclosures provide sufficient protection from weather conditions and physical damage. 

Design and development of robust enclosure for the telecom board devices.

Telecoms equipment includes a great deal of electronics and fragile components such as power supplies, switches, modems, routers and cables. These items must be protected from dangerous substances and environments, whether they are located indoors or outdoors.

Design and manufacturing of enclosures is combined with growing expectations for top performance, the building enclosure style is currently needed to satisfy an outsized variety of performance parameters.

Developing enclosures were continually expected to be sturdy and supply a degree of environmental separation. When the design phase started we reverse engineered all the PCB and parts given to us to make a digital copy. We tried to conceal all the parts which will be fitted within the enclosure and also to create multiple openings for the connectors and antenna ports. Our development team designs are based on Design for manufacturing & Design for assembly, which reduces production time and cost.

Pincore team has master design requires tool-less manufacturing with only Laser cutting and CNC bending operations involved. Team considers heat dissipation requirements, Product IP ratings, Manufacturing and cost factors into account while designing. Pincore enclosure design and engineering team designs/shapes any products, keeping in mind the beauty and attraction that pleases Investor’s eye.  

We at Pincore focuses on the beauty of the design right from the beginning of the process to finishing and coating. After manufacturing process complete will give more importance to the surface finishing and laser engraved or screen printed or use of sticker of the client logo.

As a result, the outcome of the product is appealing (images are posted below), our clients are completely satisfied with the robust enclosure.

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