SPM Control Box

This Control Box is used to Control one of the SPM machine of Electrical Wiring and Cable Gland manufacturing Industry. Based on the Client Requirement and factors considered like Rigid, Portable Hand Held device etc. Designer has closely worked with Electronic Hardware design to bring the Product more Robust and Simple in outlook and compatible with proper wiring inside the box which could not be disclosed in the pictures. We in Pincore keep our customer data safely by following all IP rules & regulations.


Responsibilities of Pincore:

  1. Design and Development of Multiple Complex parts involved in the Product Design.
  2. 3D printing the same to verify the feasibility and coordinating with electronics team for every revisions.
  3. Creating Manufacturing drawings for production.
  4. Prototype Development Using Laser Cutting and other Temporary methods to cut down the cost.
  5. Production based on the requirement.




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