Special Purpose Machines

Do you have unique requirements and need special machines to accomplish your idea? We have you covered. We have the best engineers and resources to build an extensive range of material handling products covering all the major industries, including but not limited to pharmaceuticals, aviation, automotive, and chemical.

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We build the needed special purpose machines in such a way that the overall time taken for production gets significantly reduced, and hence you get your product far sooner than expected. Not only this, even the labour expense is reduced because of our state-of-the-art technology. You’ll get your customized machine at lesser cost, but with no compromise on quality.

How It Gets Done

Our team of experts discuss your requirements, and what you need and do not need. They brainstorm the various crucial factors regarding the machine, such as the design, ease of operation, practical feasibility, and material feasibility. They then present their proposal to you, where you can discuss modifications if needed. Lastly begins the prototyping.

Pincore's SPM Services


Customized JIB Crane

A jib Crane is a type of device that is utilized in overhead lifting and frequently used in smaller work cell areas for unique and repetitive lifting tasks.

PLC based Raw Material Cutting Machine

Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC) is fast and very flexible automation technology that is used in almost every system whether it is as small as residential lift or as big as washing machines etc.,

Fluid Flow Measuring Equipment

Fluid Flow Measuring Equipment is a device meant for measuring the quantity of a liquid flowing through a pipe. 

we are dedicated

Why Chose Pincore?

100+ Unique

The best advantage in Pincore’s Product Development Centre is that, even though the customers requirement’s may be SPM but we will be prepared with enough encountered solutions for all customer’s needs & requirements. 

Industry 4.0

We at Pincore are continuously evolving based on the recent trends of industries and we are supplied with all necessary equipment’s to derive the new accomplishments of any new challenging works.

Experienced in Production Plant

When it comes to a solution oriented work specially for the industry which plant and layout matters then you are at right place since our engineers are skilled enough in designing the plant layouts.

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