About Optoelectronic Casing - SORS

SORS are used in optoelectronic observation and aiming devices with laser, night vision and thermal imaging technologies for military personnel and uniformed services. These include thermal imaging cameras, as well as day-night and night vision aiming sights and periscopes for various armoured vehicles. Pincore PDC team uses the FDM 3D printer to very quickly build end-use parts for the SORS. The core components take 48 hours while smaller components average six hours each to print.

The printed parts are suitable for form and fit evaluation, functional testing and end-use parts. When designing the Portable SORS, Our engineers faced the challenge of developing eight variations of complex components of optoelectronic devices. The plastic components that form the shell for the layers must withstand functional and crash tests while handling portable device. Devices have arguably made the greatest strides in the realm of aesthetics, particularly in the relatively new arenas of Handheld and optoelectronic devices. 

About Customer Requirements/Needs

  1. Portable and handheld enclosure for the optoelectronic system
  2. Suitable material selection for the Optoelectronic devices.
  3. Prototyping and Low- Volume Production.

Responsibilities of Pincore

End Development

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