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Moulding Your Vision on Paper to a Product in Reality

There’s nothing more joyful than watching your ideas materialize (literally) from a 2D design on paper to a 3D tangible reality, and believe us, we at Pincore understand that. 

With hand-picked dedicated professionals sharpening their skills over the years, and of course the power of electromechanics, we pride ourselves in developing products with utmost detailed and flawless design.

With the best possible infrastructure up our sleeve, we carefully forge accurate products perfect to the last detail. You can rest assured that your idea is placed in good hands, and you will soon be witnessing it breathing to life as a tangible product of your dreams.


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Why We Are the Best at What We Do?

We have the infrastructure and resources that make it possible to not only handle low volume manufacturing and production requests, but high volume ones as well.

A good final product is just not enough. What we achieve at Pincore is a good product that is commercially viable. Our master craftsmen in the fields of design engineering and mechatronic engineering together work with you as a team with one goal: to make a great final product, achieved through different stages of prototypes:

  1. Working prototype: This prototype is presented to you as a first stage to recreate all features of the conceptual design and implement required modifications, if any.
  2. Visual prototype: This prototype covers all the visual elements of the design: appearance, dimensions, shape, et al.
  3. Functional prototype: This is an upgraded version of the working prototype, developed with a different technique and scale.

Hence, with the help of a Standard operating Procedure and highly skilled professionals, we deliver a fully functioning product to you, that is commercially viable as well.

Functional Design Is Just Not Enough

Is building a fully functional prototype of a design enough? No. Is a functional prototype enough that is commercially viable too? Well, the answer to this appears to be a yes, but again, the answer is no.

Another key skill of our electronic and mechanical product team (EMS) that we pride ourselves in is that not only they cover all functional aspects of your aspired design in a practical sense, but they also, through their varied skill set and years of experience, assess the commercial feasibility of your idea in the commercial and competitive context. Another advantage our team has is they accurately evaluate the availability of the materials and resources needed in the industrial scale.

In-House Innovation Center

At Pincore we nurture creativity and innovation. Hence we have developed a dedicated Product Development Center, supplying our skilled engineers with all state-of-the-art tools and machinery they need to experiment and innovate, hence fostering an environment of innovation and boundless ideation.

Pincore's Product Development Services


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