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Time to upgrade old manual sign in books with an automated Pincore Registo system.

Security has been the top priority in every facility provided these days. Be it a school, hospital, or corporate tower, the need of administrating and monitoring visitors is imperative. Though the traditional techniques such as manual mode of entering details which existed a long time ago, yet they are not completely successful to maintain the data records. While finding an end solution to minimize the security gap’s destruction and threats, in office or society visitor, management system comes into play: it’s a tool that can be used to ensure that every visitor to your facility can be treated conveniently and securely. The concept of visitor management refers to the process of registering and monitoring all visitors of your place.

Now is the time to make the change and upgrade old manual sign in books with an automated Pincore Registo system.

Pincore Registo is an unsurpassable solution. Along with providing safety and security, it also avails your visitors with easy and hassle free check-ins. There are a few arguments that prove the importance of system over manual entry books as listed below:

  • Security – System ensures effective and efficient security. Unlike the manual entry books where visitors used for their entries which may or may not be true.
  • Accuracy & Reliability – The information is accurate and there is no chance to get them altered.
  • Easily Retrievable Data – The system ensures that the information so recorded can be retrieved by the admin/host as and when required. As all the details of each and every visitor get registered in the database, these can be fetched as per the requisite.
  • Make a Splash – Creating a lasting impression on visitors is an equally important task in any business organization. Be it your clients, employees or guests, system helps in developing an enduring image for your organization.

Pincore Registo system continuously monitors the visitors of Administrative Department of any Universities or any of the corporate sectors who would be having a lot of delegates to deal with in their day to day life, which would help them to make up their time management effectively. When a visitor arrives, their identity can be verified and check the logged details and their host notified all in just a few seconds. Our product provides the benefits for any administrative section as below

  • Monitors check-in check out process.
  • Effective and quick visitor verification.
  • Data can be stored in the server and is secured.

The case study and statistics of manual entering system provoke us to introduce Pincore Registo, a hardware and software product developed by our E-Soft team of PINCORE TECHNOLOGIES INDIA PVT LTD., used in multi-platform and expertised in digital register. The product will be available soon in the market. For more details and enquiry contact or mail us


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