Pincore’s Milk-Champ

Hygienic milk production is possible!!

Pincore agro-specialist “MILK-CHAMP” | 10 minutes–>50 litres |

Double scotch Yoke based dual cow milk sucker

Finding skilled labour for milking a small herd of cows is problem often faced by a small-time farmer. Adding to this, the fact about milking by hands is not considered to be healthy or hygienic anymore. For those who have a cow or two, the idea of purchasing a milking machine may seem to be a large investment for a seemingly small amount of work initially. However, there are considerable advantages when it comes about using a machine. With the machine being portable it makes it easier and faster to use, than hand milking. This is particularly for those who have trouble using their hands as the machine is far less labour intensive.



Milking management is one of the most important and crucial activities in the milk production chain. Milking machine is unique in the sense i.e., it is one of the few machines which comes in contact with farm animals on a regular basis.

Considering the trends of agro based machineries Pincore Agro specialist collected constructive case study about the need of semi-automatic milking machine. The various types of milking machines differentiated into two categories such as fully automatic milking machine and semi-automatic milking machine in India are widely purchased as per the market segments.

Pincore Technologies India Pvt Ltd introducing Semi-Automatic Double Scotch Yoke mechanism based milking machine with the brand name of “Milkchamp” which is capable of milking cows quickly and efficiently, without injuring the udder. The idea behind Pincore’s “Milkchamp” is to imitate the suckling of the calf, opens the streak canal through the use of a vacuum, allowing milk to flow out and prevents the congestion of blood and lymph in the teat.


To accomplish the moto of company as promising and in afforded solution as complete milking product. Using Milkchamp even ladies are able to take care of a large herd as they don’t have to depend on others to milk their cows.

“The machine is unique because no power source is required and also clean and hygienic milk production is possible. It is both animal and user friendly as well as cost-effective.”

Our product is purely a mechanical system to recreate and dispose of the electrically operated pumps with Double Scotch Yoke mechanism with considerable benefits.

  • Extract milk from teat without damage and efficiently and faster.
  • Decide the amount of rate of milk extraction depending on various factors like health of cattle, pressure applied, etc.
  • Saving time with increase in health for both operator and cattle is a plus point.
  • Milking cycle increased by 2X that are 50 litres milk extraction in a time period of 10 min (Size of the tank can be customizable according to the customer needs).



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