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Create your own client and customers independently, adopt the new master control unit to maintain clientele list

Extend your business to new heights with Pincore Cloud Bell

Voice is just one of the ways to communicate in today’s world. By telephone system, people can communicate with number of people being far without any hassles. The usage of smartphone, tablets and also telephone communication is common with friends and family, so why not use their preferences to communicate with your clients in your organization. The old system for communication utilized is not much useful and can be replaced or discarded.



Well, cloud telephony is the best way to reach out to the viewers. Let me explain, cloud telephony is a technology that moves your business phone system to the cloud. It is a voice service that has substituted the old system of assimilation like PBX, EPBAX, etc. With cloud telephony, the ease at work and services can be observed such as call recording, bulk SMS, IVR, call routing etc., and are some of the features it offers. If you are still fixed upon obsolete telephony system then you must upgrade your system and know what cloud telephony can do to your business.


A cloud telephony is easy to operate and can be used without much technical knowledge. With much uncomplicated usage, you will be able to connect large mass of public. The cloud telephony solution not only attracts large organization but also a small and medium-sized business.

Cloud telephony is not just only for business organization, we at Pincore Technologies provide solution for One Person Company and free lancers to expand business and maintain client list with the smartest and cheapest technology. Survey has given us the statistics where in a lot of OPC and freelancers are facing lot of issues and are dependent on service based companies resulting in feasibility problem.

Pincore Technologies is working on this platform to provide services to freelancer’s in-order to enhance their individuality through hardware and software solutions. Pincore technologies are on the way of developing hardware and software setup through our customized cloud development. A toll-free number hosted by cloud telephony makes your communication smooth and struggle free. You can easily make your call from anywhere and everywhere around the world. If your business runs only on the basis of customer service support with your client then it is the time you should have a toll-free number for your business where you will get the benefit for an unlimited period of time.

“Calls do not have to stand out like a sore thumb. Integrate customer calls with tools.”

Pincore Technologies is proving again and again on every product that, we are not only for successful business organizations that are aware of this platform but, also for those who are unaware of this platform.

If you are looking for a cloud based contact technology, look no more. Just give us a call at Pincore Technologies, and we would be more than glad to help.




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