Pincore’s 3D-Do

3D Printing is a manufacturing of a three dimensional solid object from a computer driven digital model. The possibilities for 3D printing are increasing daily and they only seem like they will continue to grow as the technology continues to develop. As a tool for digital fabrication and production, 3D printing is becoming more and more useful at every stages of development i.e., from the increased capability to prototype designs, to the rapid manufacturing of pieces that are ready to scale. 3D printing technology and products made are the latest and one of the most exciting developments in modern fabrication.

The 3D printing industry encompasses many forms of technologies, materials and products which are vast, under which Pincore developed 3D printer using Fused Deposition Modelling (FDM) is an additive manufacturing technology product specifically the Cartesian printers. FDM deals with 2 aspects; one is Delta and other is Cartesian printers. The main difference lies in the method of moving the print bed. Each system has its own way of movement, but whose result status will be different. Because of Rene Descarts, Cartesian co-ordinate system brings name or owe the name as Cartesian Printers. These printers move Left-Right, Front-Back and Up-Down. In the existing Cartesian printers the nozzle move towards print bed, in this case study Pincore got a survey report where the moving print bed led to less efficiency so here we introduce 3D-DO, FDM based Cartesian 3D printer.

In Pincore 3D-DO, instead of the nozzle moving towards print bed, the print bed moves towards nozzle in ‘Z’ direction. Pincore 3D printing machine excels in equal length and width of prints (i.e., dimension 30X30 cm). The aesthetic design of cubic glassy looked enclosure keeps the machine secure and consumer friendly. Additional touch based display is provided on robotic arm flexible in all 3 directions which makes the system more convenient for programmer.

The main building blocks for start-ups are creativity and innovation. An added advantage is its ability to produce mass customization products that allow start-ups to launch the small and grow, which yields to build a good customer base.

The dimension can be customized based on the requirements.

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