PCB Control Board Enclosure

About PCB Control Board Enclosure

PCB Control Board Enclosure requirement by Singapore based automation system Development Company. PCB control board enclosure is used in the automated machine to control the automation system. Design and development of robust enclosure for a control board and also need to match all the functional criteria and enclosure aesthetics. 

Customer Requirements

Pincore NPD team will do engineering brainstorming to design and to meet customer’s requirements. During the design phase product aesthetic as a form factor, material selection, finishing and connectors positioning will be taken care.  As per the product functional, Prototyping is done to ensure the design part will meet required expectations. Prototypes are verified and test as per the product functional, aesthetics and assembly requirements. After test prototype is tested, then production ramp-up is started and successfully completed the production as per the quantity required from the customer.

We are happy to say the customer is satisfied with final product outcome with all functional aspects. Have a look on bellow product images.

Responsibilities of Pincore

End Development

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