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Personnel kiosks, in particular, are highly versatile and can take on a variety of roles across industries—from interactive travel and tourism solutions to retail, healthcare, and more. As a result, businesses, organizations, and institutions are also finding ways to implement more technology-based tools and services into their core practices and offerings—many in the form of self-service solutions. While digital displays are typically designed solely for what their name indicates—displaying digital content—digital signage kiosks are designed to integrate components, allow for interactivity, and provide an overall more comprehensive solution. 

Kiosk is designed to be both functional and aesthetically appealing, digital signage kiosks can be customized to complement the appearance of the location in which they will be placed.

Drawing from our breadth of kiosk design experience, as well as the aesthetic requirements for each project, our team creates a series of conceptual designs for review.  Our designers turn the concepts from the design thinking phase into reality. We had taken review by the customer with photo-realistic renderings of their custom unit at no additional cost, to include dimensioned drawings, finish specifications and more. Then concept and create a fully functional 3D CAD model. Custom kiosks boast a durable enclosure built from cold rolled steel to house and protect the unit’s screen, computer, and any other relevant components. For added durability, the steel enclosures are sealed with a powder coat finish, which is bounded by metal particles to ensure complete coverage for the unit for years to come. 


Designed and developed to offer 24/7 access across numerous different industries, automated pickup lockers can also be customized to offer accessibility to patrons of diverse abilities. 

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