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XLarge C Beam Gantry Plate (KIT)


3,680.00 (inc. GST)

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Product Summary

XLarge C Beam Gantry Plate (KIT):


This kit includes following components. Please select option for KIT or Assembled.

1) XLarge C Beam Gantry Plate : 01pc

2) Solid V Wheels : 04pcs (with pre inserted bearings and shim in it)

3) Eccentric spacers : 02pcs

4) Aluminium spacer M5-6mm : 04pcs

5) M5 Lock nuts(low profile) : 06pcs

6) Low profile M5 x 30mm : 04pcs

7) Shim for Solid V Wheels : 04pcs

8) Antiback lash nut : 01pc (with Grub screw and Hex nut)

9) Low profile M5 x 20mm : 02pcs

10) Aluminium spacers 3mm : 02pcs

11) M5 shims for antibacklash nut : 02pcs

NOTE : This kit works only with C BEAM and it is 100% compatible with our C BEAM. We do not take responsibility of this kit being used with profiles from other sellers