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U – Shape Metal Enclosure


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Product Summary

U – Shape Metal Enclosure:

  • Enclosure type:- U – Shaped
  • Material:- Aluminium / Mild Steel
  • Mounting Hole Diameter :- M3
  • Dimensions:- 250x154x100mm

This U-shape enclosure style is highly versatile and can solve a number of enclosure challenges in its standard form, or it can serve as a base for further customization. U-shape enclosures are commonly used with circuit boards that have through-panel connectors limited to one side (L-shape enclosures can more easily accommodate boards with through-panel connectors on opposing sides).

As with all our enclosures, custom cut-outs are included, so you don’t have to waste time drilling and filing as with off-the-shelf enclosures.
We build in all the hardware and fasteners that you need, as well as internal metal components such as brackets, backplanes, and partitions.
Powder-coat finish is standard, and silk-screening is available to enhance functionality and aesthetics.


  1. 2D PDF: U – Shape Metal Enclosure
  2. 3D Model: U – Shape Metal Enclosure


Enclosure Category

U-Shape Enclosure



Material (Outer Casing)

Aluminium/Mild Steel

Length - metric


Width - metric


Height - metric


Mounting Hole