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SeeedStudio Grove – Thermal Imaging Camera – MLX90614 DCC IR Array with 35- FOV


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Product Summary

Seed Studio Grove – Thermal Imaging Camera

  • Compatible With Grove Ecosystem By Seed Studio
  • I2C Interface to Communicate with MCU
  • Wide temperature measurement range (-70℃~380℃)

This is an all-new Thermal Imaging Camera Module from Seed Studio in the Grove ecosystem series. This Thermal Imaging Camera can also be used as an infrared thermometer module, it is based on a single-point medical-grade infrared temperature sensor (MLX90641), which can detect the temperature of objects with an accuracy of ±0.2°C in the body temperature range.

At room temperature, the surface temperature of the measured object can reach an accuracy of ±0.5°C in a wide range. The module uses the I2C protocol to obtain data from the camera as well as to communicate with the MCU. The field of view (FOV) of this sensor is 35°, the temperature measurement range is -70°C~380°C, and the working temperature is that the sensor’s Ta value is between -40°~85°.

Single-point medical-grade infrared temperature sensor (MLX90614)
Wide temperature measurement range (-70℃~380℃)
I2C Grove interface for easy communication with an MCU
Package Includes:
1 x SeeedStudio Grove – Thermal Imaging Camera – MLX90614 DCC IR Array with 35° FO1 x

Operating Voltage (VDC)


Operating Current (A)




Sensing Temperature (℃)

(-)40 to 85

Temperature Range (℃)

(-)70 to 380

Measuring Accuraccy

(±) 0.2 ℃

Lense Viewing Angle


Length (mm)


Width (mm)


Height (mm)


Weight (gm)


Shipment Weight

0.015 kg

Shipment Dimensions

5 × 3 × 2 cm