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RS PRO Steel Alloy Compression Spring, 48.9mm x 15mm, 11.96N/mm


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Product Summary

RS PRO Steel Alloy Compression Spring, 48.9mm x 15mm, 11.96N/mm:

RS PRO Steel Alloy Compression Spring made of Stainless Steel having Dimensions 48.9mm x 15mm and having Spring Rate 11.96N/mm ,Wire Diameter 2.2mm and Outside Diameter 15mm.

A range of compression springs from our RS PRO offer which come in various sizes and lengths and with closed and ground and closed not ground end types. Compression springs are very popular as they can store a large amount of energy in a small space making them ideal for a great range of uses.

These RS PRO compression springs also referred to as coil springs have varying degrees of stiffness which is also known as spring rate.
Coiled springs are designed so they can push back to the springs original height when they are compressed. These springs are used to keep components from meeting. RS PRO have a great range of compression springs with wire diameters from 0.2 to 2.2 mm and spring rates from 0.06 N/mm to 22.56 N/mm.


RS PRO Steel Alloy Compression Spring

Material (Outer Casing)


Wire Diameter- metric

2.2 mm

Outside Diameter - metric

15 mm

Free Length- metric

48.9 mm

Minimum Working Length

27.4 mm

Load at Maximum Working Length

256.93 N

Spring Rate

11.696 N/mm