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Raspberry Pi 4 Premium Black Case


401.00 (inc. GST)

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Raspberry Pi 4 Premium Black Case:

This Raspberry Pi case is a three piece sturdy and stylish case designed for the Raspberry Pi 4.It has a high gloss finish and is integrated support for the Raspberry Pi Camera. The Raspberry Pi 4 premium case provides Access to the Raspberry Pi GPIO connector. It features a ventilated base for passive cooling and full access to all ports and pins. Robocraze is the approved seller of Raspberry Pi products in India and you can buy the Raspberry Pi 4 premium case at best prices.

This premium enclosure is designed specifically to fit and protect your Raspberry Pi 4. The stylish design contains a high gloss finish. The case contains a innovative integrated camera support for the Raspberry Pi camera module and provides access to the Raspberry PI’s GPIO connector.


Raspberry Pi


Raspberry Pi 4 Model B


Premium Black


5 x 4 x 3 cms


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