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MY1016 24V 350W High Speed Motor Kit


9,034.00 (inc. GST)

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Product Summary

MY1016 24V 350W High Speed Motor Kit

This kit Includes :

MY1016 350W eBike Motor

Controller and All Necessary E-Bike Assembly

MY1016 24V 350W High Speed Motor Kit which has all assembly products you need to build your E-Bike. It is an Electric Bicycle Permanent Magnet DC Motor. MY1016 24-volt 350-watt output for electric scooter and bike motor. This MY1016 is a popular reduction motor, simply the most commonly used motor for Scooters, Bikes and quad’s available in the market! It is normally found in the better quality quads and scooters on the market and is classed as a mid-range combination.

Now here it comes combo with all necessary items to build your brand new eBike and to save your efforts in looking out for all compatible products and you can get it in just one go at a reasonable cost.

My1016 Motor is quite powerful with its small size and extremely reliable with its power requirements. We’ve sold these for so many different applications that they were never designed for, but the robustness of the build makes them just go and go.

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Note: This kit does not include batteries

Package Includes:
1 x MY1016 350W eBike Motor

1 x 24v 350w controller

1 x 80T tooth Dental Plate

1 x Freewheel

2 x Freewheel Adapter

1 x Pair of Throttles(L+R)

1 x Pair of Brake Lever(L+R)

1 x 25H High-Quality Chain

1 x Axel with Nuts

1 x Ignition key switch with Two Keys

1 x Headlight with Inbuilt Horn

1 x Plastic Connector Housings set

1 x Charger Connector Holder

1 x Power Charger(IN: AC90~240V, OUT: 24VDC/2A)

USB Type

USB 2.0

Cable Length

0.3m (30 cm)

Cable Type

A-A male