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LMK8UU Flange Linear Bearing, Bearing for 8mm Shaft


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Product Summary

LMK8UU Flange Linear Bearing, Bearing for 8mm Shaft:

Metric Flange Linear Bearing

  • Model: LMF6UU
  • Flange Size: 28mm x 18mm x 5mm
  • Inner Diameter: 6mm
  • Outer Diameter: 12mm
  • Length: 19mm

This LMK8UU 8MM Flange Linear Motion Ball Bearing is able to carry high loads and comes with carbon steel ball bearing also with a high load-bearing capacity. Works more quietly than metal roller bearings. Low noise, stable performance and durable and able to work in sub-zero temperatures and have low rolling resistance.

The universal Ball Bearings are great for you to replace the damaged Ball Bearings in your devices to improve efficiency and save energy. Linear Bearings are widely used in textile machinery, printing machinery, pharmaceutical machinery, precision machine tool, electric cutting machine, automatic machine.

Features :

  • Metric Flange Linear Bearing
  • Circular Flange
  • Four Mount Hole




Internal Diameter

8 mm