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Jaw Flex Coupling-MOC-20C


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Product Summary

Jaw Flex Coupling-MOC-20C:

Oldham Flexible Coupling
* Outer Diameter of the Coupling : 20 mm
* Standard Inner Dia Minimum : 5 mm
* Max Inner Dia. (Customisable by Machining on demand) : upto 8 mm
* Zero Backlash, Easy to Install, High Torque Rigidity
* Allows High Parallel And Angular Misalignments
* Application Examples : Encoder, Packaging Machine, Stepper Motor.

These couplings require no lubrication and provide highly reliable service for light, medium, and heavy duty electrical motor and internal combustion power transmission applications. Other features and benefits include: Fail-safe — will still perform if elastomer fails. No metal to metal contact. Resistant to oil, dirt, sand, moisture and grease.

Applications include power transmission to industrial equipment such as pumps, gear boxes, compressors, blowers, mixers, and conveyors. Jaw Type couplings are available in 24 sizes from a minimum torque rating of 3.5 in–lbs to a maximum torque rating of 170,004 in–lbs and a bore range of .125 inches to 7 inches.