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Brushes for Ebike MY1016 Motor


105.00 (inc. GST)

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Product Summary

  1. Suitable for: MY1016 Motor
  2. Length (mm): 14.2
  3. Width (mm): 5.9
  4. Height (mm): 5.8

Almost every eBike these days either uses a brushless motor or a brushed motor. In a brush-less motor, the changing of the current is achieved using a controller, and sensors. The controller tracks what position the motor is in, and selects which 2 of the three motor phases to send current down in order to keep it moving around.

A brushed motor has two wires and doesn’t need any kind of clever control. You can pretty much plug it straight into a battery and it will work. The disadvantage is eventually the brushes wear out, and they also waste energy. So, brushes play a highly important part of the motor. But, nowadays, it’s difficult to get spare parts like those brushes. That’s why we provide you brushes for your e-bike motors.

Package Includes:
1 x Brush for Ebike MY1016 Motor

Suitable for

MY6812 Motor

Length (mm)