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Brake for Ebike


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Product Summary

  1. Color: Silver Tone, Black.
  2. Fit Handlebar Diameter: 22 mm/0.9″.
  3. Fit Cable Wire Diameter: 4 mm.
  4. Total wire length: 1.4 m.
  5. Total Weight: 237 gm.

The e-brake lever is a replacement for the regular brake lever and either cuts out the controller or engages regenerative braking in the controller when the lever is squeezed. Pincore has integrated levers for both mechanical and hydraulic brakes, as well as It can be added to your existing levers to turn them into e-brakes.

All operate as a NO switch, with two wires that close the circuit when the brakes are engaged.

Brake for Ebike motor MY1016 is an attachment for its motor controller, it provides smooth breaking while not damaging motors and it’s performance. There comes a time in every biker’s life where braking becomes a high priority, especially in a world filled with inattentive car drivers that so often do not even notice fast-moving bicyclists. A car may pull out right in front of you, or open a door in front of you as you ride in a bike lane, and countless other obstacles.

In emergencies like these, even a small improvement in stopping power can make a big difference, especially if you are riding an electric bike with its higher speed and increased weight.

E-brakes, with a power cut-off
When building an e-bike make sure to install e-brakes. e-brakes are an essential part of your system and cannot be overemphasized enough, as they cut power to the motor (or also engage the regenerative braking when you pull the lever if you have a direct drive hub motor). Most factories built bikes include this as standard, as do many kits.

Note: Package does not include Controller, Accelerator, and Motor.
Package Includes :
1 x Brake for Ebike(Pack of 2)



Fit Handlebar Diameter

22 mm/0.9".

Fit Cable Wire Diameter


Total wire length


Weight (g)