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Acrylic Casing for Raspberry PI 4 with Cooling Fan Slot


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Acrylic Casing for Raspberry PI 4 with Cooling Fan Slot;

  1. 6-piece Acrylic case with access to all Ports on pi 4
  2. Compatible for All variant of the Raspberry pi 4
  3. Slot  for Cooling Fan
  4. Easy to assemble without any Screws or Nut-Bolts
  5. Slots to route GPIO and CSI ribbon cable
  6. Cut-out for micro SC card at the bottom panel
  7. Mounting holes and anti-slip rubber feet at the back
  • Acrylic Case for Raspberry PI 4B model with cooling fan slot is a newly designed Transparent case for Raspberry pi 4. It is unassembled 6-piece transparent Acrylic plastics which provides adequate protection for your Pi and access to all the ports. The case is compatible with all latest launched Raspberry pi 4 Models.
  • It is very easy to assemble and de-assemble with push-pull locking notches. The case comes with Protection film so that it will reach you without any scratch.
  • This Acrylic case has cooling fan slot and all other required slots to access the Pi. At the side, the case has GPIO slot from which you can route GPIO and CSI ribbon cable and a cut-out to provide the ease the micro SD card insertion and removal. At the top plate, it has Raspberry’s engraved LOGO and at the bottom of the case, there are four-hole for mounting the Pi.
  • The case has a top which can be open and close like Flap. This Acrylic Case for PI 4 is also designed so that you can see the Pi status LEDs clearly, and you need not to put any efforts for fitting the pi inside the case, it fits the pi accurately just like the mobile phone cover.
  • This is a really durable case that will do a great job protecting your Raspberry Pi as well as gives the good cabinet looks to your Pi.


  1. 2D PDF: Acrylic Casing for Raspberry PI 4 with Cooling Fan Slot
  2. 3D Model: Acrylic Casing for Raspberry PI 4 with Cooling Fan Slot
Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 5 × 3 × 2 cm




Enclosure Material



65 gms

Compatible with

All Varient of Pi 4 Models B

No. of unassembled Parts


Compatible Fan Size

40 x 10 mm (4010)