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This a portable handheld plastic enclosure with a snap-in design which is suitable for wireless remote control and RFID products. This Handheld Enclosure is ergonomically designed for hand held comfort.

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  • These cases are ideal for hand held instruments. They are available in either gray or black and a tilting bail is supplied
  • Available with either a solid display area or a cutout
  • The top and bottom parts incorporate a tongue and groove ceiling system which accept gasketing
  • The gasket is available as a separate item
  • Available with a battery compartment in the back which accept a 9 V 216 type. Or two AA batteries
  • A durable and professional molded tilting bail is available which also can be used to wall mount the enclosures
  • Available in black and light gray as standard color. Customer color is available on indent
  • Case is held together by 6 PCS brass inserts in the LID and M-3 screws supplied