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ABC – PC – Handled Enclosure

SKU: PC - OELEA276666

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Product Summary

ABC – PC – Handled Enclosure:

  • Modern, fl at styling.
  • Easy to wear, e.g. round your neck, or as a bracelet with wrist strap, or on a key ring.
  • Strap loops and eyelets are already integrated.
  • TPE ring for a pleasant touch sensation and as impact protection.
  • Variety of colours.
  • Also available in infra-red light-permeable material.
  • Recessed operating area for the protection of the membrane keyboard.
  • Fixing supports for PCBs and integrated parts

This a portable handheld plastic enclosure with a snap-in design which is suitable for wireless remote control and RFID products.
This Handheld Enclosure is ergonomically designed for hand held comfort.


• Plain and battery compartment options as standard
• Suitable for remote controls, key fobs, wireless devices, RFID, GPS tracking and more
• Applications in home energy, home automation and control units

Enclosure Type


Enclosure Material:


External Height - metric

27.5 mm

External Depth - Metric:

66.25 mm

External Width - metric

66.25 mm

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