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85MM Large Robot Smart Car Wheel, 38MM Width Surface Red/Pink


354.00 (inc. GST)

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Product Summary

85MM Large Robot Smart Car Wheel, 38MM Width Surface Red/Pink:

  • Tire with sponge liner for more strength
  • With upgraded tire tread for greater friction
  • New design wheel for better combination with the motor
  • Diameter: 85 mm
  • Width : 38 mm
  • The material of Wheel: High-strength plastic
  • The material of Tyre: Rubber
  • Color: Black Tyre + Red/pink Rim

The wheel comes in two different colours which are Red and Silver-Pink we will ship it randomly. But don’t worry if you buy four, two or more quantity in one order we will take care, that you will get the same colour wheel. This Robot Smart Car Wheel, 38MM Width Surface Red/Pink At 85mm in diameter and 38mm wide, these are some seriously high-quality little wheels. The tire is soft black rubber with deep tread and spikes for added traction in rugged terrain.

An axis adapter is needed which bolts to the back of the hub and mounts to a motor. this adapter can mount to our Micro DC Geared Motor with Back Shaft. We’re selling these wheels in pairs. The wheel is made up of high-quality rubber which gives maximum traction while operating. The wheel is strong and sturdy as it features a nylon reinforced plastic rim.