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6 DOF Robot Manipulator Metal Alloy Mechanical Arm


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Product Summary

6 DOF Robot Manipulator Metal Alloy Mechanical Arm:

Fully metal alloy mechanical arm with 6 Degree Of Freedom.

This kit comes in two variants:

  • With 6 pieces of MG996R Servo Motors (MOT4002)
  • Without Servo Motors (only brackets)
  • DIY Assembled 6-dof Mechanics Servo Handle Robot Arm for Robotics Learning Kits
  • Servo finish the grabing or lisfting action front and back, up and down, and left and right
  • Can be used to test the servo motor coding for robotic engineers
    Suitable for learning the controling theory of automatic robotic arm; guest space and students learning kits
  • Also learn serial ports controlling servo and potentiometer controlling servo
  • Material: +Metal
Size Chart:

Base Size: Approx 9 x 8.4cm

Package Includes:

1 Set Robot Mechanical Arm Kits (Servo not included)