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55mm Blade Propeller+720 CW & CCW Brushed Motor For Indoor Racing Drone


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Product Summary

55mm Blade Propeller+720 CW & CCW Brushed Motor For Indoor Racing Drone:

  • Model: 720
  • Shaft Size: 1.0 mm
  • Rated Voltage: 3.7 V.
  • Current: 0.1 A.
  • Rated RPM: 48000.
  • Max Speed: 50000 RPM.
  • Wire Length: 5cm
  • Prop. Length: 55mm

If you are new in multirotor/drone hobby area and want to try out some basic multirotor designs so as to enhance your basic knowledge about multirotors!!! Don’t wait and get this combo of 55mm Blade Propeller Prop with 720 CW & CCW Brushed Motor For Indoor Racing Drone Quad-copter. These lightweight brushed DC coreless motors are the best choice for your small drone, offering you an excellent affordable price when compared with costly BLDC motors.

This 720 Magnetic Micro Coreless Motor is very compact and lightweight DC motor nicely crafted for perfectly matching with your small 100mm like multirotor frames. They are rated at 48000 RPM which is more than needed to lift and push your drone to the target. These are less noisy with low resistance. The only drawback of using coreless is the amount of torque they provide, as they are High Speed and Low Torque motors.

In this pack, we have included high-quality 55mm propeller compatible with 720, 8520, 615 Coreless Motor. Their smooth surface can greatly decrease the wind resistance during the flight. Therefore, the propellers can rotate in high-speed easily when reliably mounted on the quadcopter. The propellers are made of high-tenacity material and thus can sustain crashes. Therefore, this propeller with 720 Coreless motors is a perfect combination for your multirotor. Only, Plug-n-Play.

Instruction :

720 Magnetic Micro Coreless Motor with Red and the Blue wire is CW rotation motor & Black and the White wire is CCW rotation motor.

Features :

  • 720 Coreless motor is High Speed and Low Torque motor.
  • Less noisy operation.
  • Offers low resistance.
  • They are equipped with high-quality magnets.
  • This coreless motor supports 1S battery.


Rated Speed (RPM)


Maximum RPM


Rated Voltage(V)


Operating Temperature (°C)

10 to 50

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