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32 Pitch, 128 Tooth (1.00″ Bore) Aluminum Hub Gears


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Product Summary

32 Pitch, 128 Tooth (1.00″ Bore) Aluminum Hub Gears:

  • No of teeth 128T
  • Weight 1.40 oz (54g)
  • Material Aluminum
  • Finish Clear Anodized

This huge 128 tooth hub gear can create an 8:1 ratio when paired with a 16 tooth pinion gear on holes spaced 2.25” apart. The 1” bore is surrounded by the Actobotics 1.5” hub pattern which means you can attach the gear to a 1” aluminum, steel or carbon fiber tube using a 1” clamping hub. The hollow center bore of a tube will allow you to route wires, shafting or cables through to create a tidy build.