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300Kg Metal Trolley Yellow

SKU: PC - OGIBA906086

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Product Summary

300Kg Metal Trolley Yellow:

  • Brand : Big apple
  • Model No : TRL SPH MT 300 – Yellow
  • Type : Tro lley
  • Platform Dimension : 90 x 60 x 86 cm
  • Load Capacity : 300 Kg
  • Martial : MS
  • Item Weight : 7 kg 920 g

Optimal mobility, designed with 2 fixed & 2 functional swivel 4” wheels, this cart can be maneuver left, right, forward, and backward with no hassle Heavy-duty material, built with sturdy ms platform & steel body to withstand heavy loading; overall dimensions: 90(l) x 60(w) x 86(h) cm; weight capacity : 300 kg. The fit and finish of the product along with the aesthetics is extraordinary.

Easy to stack & store this product is ideal for use in laboratory, kitchens, logistics, industries, warehouses, hotels, airports, hospitals etc Non-slip surface, moving cart’s platform is made with a rubbery layer to keep boxes and other cargo stable and prevent them from sliding
Convenient storage, the handle bar folds down to save space and allow for storage in compact areas such as closets or designated areas in the warehouse