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2DOF Arm with Gripper+Optical Encoder and Endstop Support


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2DOF Arm with Gripper+Optical Encoder and Endstop Support:

Full Set DIY 2DOF Robot Arm Manipulator Claw +2pcs Servo Brackets(Not Assembly) is a robotic arm kit which includes manipulator claw, aluminum bracket and accessories like nuts, bolts etc. This kit very useful to make our own robotic arm which is used in many applications like move a material from one place to another place

This Robot Arm from DAGU comes equipped with 2 DC motors coupled with 2 optical encoders and 3 End stop switches. The arm uses regular DC motors which, combined the Optical Encoders and Endstop switches, enables step by step control of the position and movement of the Arm. This kit comes complete as Shown in Picture

Kit Contents:

  • 2x DC Motors
  • 2x Optical Encoders
  • 3x Endstop Switches
  • Metal Parts