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1Meter PTFE Teflon Tube 1.9mm to 4mm


330.00 (inc. GST)

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Product Summary

1Meter PTFE Teflon Tube 1.9mm to 4mm:

  • Special Customized High Quality Teflon Tube
  • 1M PTFE Tube Teflon PiPe to TL-Feeder
  • 1.75mm filament ID 1.9mm OD 4mm
  • Our product is not Capricorn tube brand, please do not misunderstand.

The PTFE 2x4mm Teflon Tubing – For 3D Printers 1.75mm Filament good corrosion resistance and high insulation resistance. High or low-temperature resistance. It has unique lubricity and the surface is no sticky. Durable using in the atmosphere and protect itself from being aged. Non-inflammability and made of PTFE material.

Length (mm)

1 Meter

Operating Temperature (°C)

180 to +260

Outer Diameter (OD) (mm)

4 mm

Shipment Dimensions

8 × 8 × 3 cm

Shipment Weight

0.105 kg