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10 x 10 x 2mm Neodymium Magnet – Strong Block


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10 x 10 x 2mm Neodymium Magnet – Strong Block:


10 x 10 x 2mm Neodymium Magnet – Strong Block are very useful for hanging or holding flat metal objects as well as a wide range of other magnetic applications. This is a very popular size with the power of N35, N42, N52 grade NdFeB! Small and thin, high-performance Neodymium magnets – small but incredibly strong, ideal for model-making, crafts and many other creative applications.

Every magnet has a triple coating of nickel, copper and nickel again to reduce corrosion. Our neodymium magnets have many creative uses including modelling and theater design, furniture making, exhibitions, displays and packaging. BULK DISCOUNT ACTIVE – Automatic discount will applicable on more quantity on Basket/Cart added