Duracell- AA Battery Tester

The Battery Tester Device is to demonstrate the superiority of the AA Battery over its competitors through an unbiased side-by-side test. The tester performs a rigorous discharge test on two AA Cells simultaneously.

Using this product anybody can compare the capacity of any two same type of battery with different manufacturer (currently it supports AA type). But it can also be extended to other types of batteries for testing the capability with competitors.

Performs simultaneous Power Load Cycle test on two AA batteries & Maintain a running count of, number of times the Power Load Cycle has completed on each AA Cell.



Responsibilities of Pincore:
  1. Hardware development using most advanced Platform by considering compactness as main constraint.
  2. Software development by considering User Friendly access and understandable
  3. Enclosure Development by considering Aesthetic design of testing equipment
  4. 300 Qty Annual Production.





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